!A Petition To Save Humanity !

In order to confront

the Climate Crisis,

The Message

as offered by

President Obama

calls on everyone, worldwide,

to respond to the following:

Upon becoming


of the need


all personal vehicles:

Will you help


come about?

To participate:

Share your answers

to the above question.

Thank you!

To a safer, saner


more caring world!

To Duty!


To Duty

What is ones duty

When acknowledging a threat

That would destroy all beauty

Even steal childrens breath?

Does therein lie evil

In avoiding a way

That forces the matter

That leads to a day

When Humanity shatters

Greeds guilty ways?

Copyright. February 21, 1988 Daniel J. Lavigne


To Duty Abandoned

"To Duty" we were taught

When first we learned to Think

"To Duty" was the rallying cry

When facing danger at the Brink.

But, alas, "To Duty" failed

汾hen faithless greed espied

The quality of "caring"

In craven, covetous eyes.

Copyright. October 27, 1998

Daniel J. Lavigne


Hum Low The Bells Of Kyoto

Bang low your dirge to the sea.

Your sound so despond will not travel long

Your tune was not meant to be.

Drum Low The Bells Of Kyoto

Speak soft of our crimes of the past

And sing loud the cry that truth had to die

In order that profits would last.

Cry Low The Bells Of Kyoto

Sing soft the lies of our greed

And peal plaintive song

Of needs all gone wrong

And air unfit to breathe.

Hum soft all the bells!

To an empty world tell!

Of Kyoto's smiles and deceits

Hum soft all the bells!

To an empty world tell!

The greed of

lies on spreadsheets.

Copyright December 8, 1997

Daniel J. Lavigne

A Song For Our Children

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