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An “End Times UpDate":


The Methane Bomb exploded on 27/05/2018.

Various Instruments Earth Based & in Orbit have reported a        DRAMATIC  PIKE in Methane Levels. Should that release continue,      we’ll have no time to do anything to TRY to save a future for all, period.


Slow talks, long walks & try to keep calm is the best we can do.

As Predicted in "Life's Dusty Passing", our extinction has started.



 6h6 hours ago 

(Via Twitter this 2nd Day Of August, 2018) 

How hot/humid can it get? At 100% humidity and 35C (95F) a fit human, resting in shade, with ventilation will die within 6 hours; also at higher temperatures with lower humidity. Unrelenting Heat and Humidity will soon make regions UNINHABITABLE 


As Predicted 33 years ago by the following.



Ghost grey,  

Industrial pall.   


Screening our greed,   

Hiding our gall.  

Deflecting our view   

Of a dust laden extinction.  

Answering our follies,   

Our demands of MORE!! 

D.J.L. Meanderings  Spring/85


From a contribution this July 15, 2018 to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnZj_zORKS8&lc=z23revijetrus3wfyacdp43bt4fzqjlb1qrvwgfd3itw03c010c.1531643156494671

Daniel J. Lavigne3 hours ago

Its over. And the majority will never accept that they fed the destruction of our sole Habitat due false, but perceived need for their "Prized Mobility". How will they tell the Kids? They are going tell them, right? 🦊 ObamasMessage.com 🦊


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Veronica Harris1 hour ago

I have a daugter, and she has two young daughters 4 and 9 years old. I cry when I think about how she or I am going to tell them they have no future. It is so horrific. no words to describe it.


Daniel J. Lavigne1 second ago

An inner sense of calm is all that remains to sustain us. We could have done something, when it was still possible. For whatever reason, we failed. Falling into a malaise of Madness won't help. Its probably best that Humanity insist on production and free distribution of PSP's (Personal Solution Pills.) via Doctors, etc.

Such aside:

Slow talks, long walks


try to keep calm is the best we can do.

. . .

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To Duty

What is one’s duty

When acknowledging a threat

That would destroy all beauty

Even steal children’s breath?

Does therein lie evil

In  avoiding a way

That forces the matter

That leads to a day

When Humanity shatters

Greed’s guilty ways?

Copyright. February 21, 1988  Daniel J. Lavigne 


“To Duty” Abandoned 

"To Duty" we were taught 

When first we learned to Think 

"To Duty" was the rallying cry 

When facing danger at the Brink. 

But, alas, "To Duty" failed 

When faithless greed espied 

The quality of "caring" 

In craven, covetous eyes. 

Copyright. October 27, 1998  

Daniel J. Lavigne


daniel511225@outlook.com       © Daniel J. Lavigne 2018